How To Use Snow Water For Magic Rituals

The use of snow water in rituals is a great way to enhance the energy of any seasonal spells.

Use snow water in rituals for introspection and shadow work. Winter is the time for going inward, so any incantations surrounding this theme will benefit from snow water.

Why Is Snow Water So Powerful In Ritual?

Using fresh fallen snow in rituals or meditations during the winter creates a deep connection to death and transition.

Winter is a time where the veil is thin between the living and deceased. Snow water enhances the removal of that veil, since it provides nourishment to the dead parts of nature and represents purity within its color.

How To Collect Snow Water

Collecting fresh snow for ritual is simple. Place your vessel in a place where the snow will not be disturbed while it accumulates.

We use mason jars placed on flat parts of our fence to ensure the snow will have a chance to accumulate without being a heavily trafficked area.

Snow water can be gathered during the day or night. The power of the snow water may be enhanced when collected during a full moon, but it’s not necessary.

How To Use Snow Water In Rituals

Snow water and the true form of snow can be used in many rituals surrounding new beginnings, transformations, and honoring the winter solstice.

Here are some ways to use snow water and snow in your rituals:

  • Use snow or snow water to cleanse your ritual tools, altar spaces, and crystals. This will charge them with the renewed energy.
  • Create snowpeople to represent your intentions for the season. Let it be a physical representation of the manifestations you are creating for the winter season.
  • Use it for tea rituals. Just like moon water tea, snow water used in this ritual can be a catalyst for powerful manifestation.
  • Banishment and releasing negative energy. Place the snow in your hand, fill it with your negative thoughts, or banish any bad energy. Either throw the snowball or allow the snow to melt away in your hands.
  • Allow it to melt on your alter. Once the vessel is filled, place your fresh snow on your altar. This will bring the energy of purification, balance, and transformation to your spiritual space.

You can use snow water in any of your rituals that use charged or moon water.

It provides powerful energy that creates a different outcome in terms of intentions.

Collecting snow during a blizzard for snow water will give you a supercharged version of the water. Also, collecting snow during a full moon can yield the same kind of supercharged results.

I hope these tips will help you fully utilize snow water in rituals during the late fall and winter season.

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