Moon Water In Direct Moonlight – Is It Necessary?

Creating your own moon water is a simple process, but there are a few questions that beginners ask. One common question is does moon water have to be in direct moonlight?

The answer to this common question is no, it doesn’t have to technically be in direct moonlight, but there are benefits to putting it into direct moonlight.

Why Should I Put Moon Water In Moonlight?

While it’s not completely necessary, placing your moon water in direct moonlight can make the moon energy stronger in your moon water.

Direct moonlight is defined differently throughout the spiritual community, but here are some facts about direct moonlight to keep in mind as you prepare your moon water.

Direct Moonlight For Moon Water Tips

To ensure you are able to take advantage of the indirect and direct moonlight, here are some tips you can use when setting up your alter:

  • Direct moonlight can be found through clouds. Humans are able to get sunburn on cloudy days, so we are also able to get direct moonlight on cloudy nights.
  • Look for an open space or windowsill. Do your best to not place your moon water under awnings, full trees, or any other coverings that may completely block the moon water.
  • Watch the moon cycle the night before, then place your water accordingly. By seeing how the moonlight comes into your home or outdoor space, you can place your water in the best spot once the full moon or new moon starts.

We hope this post has helped you. If you are looking for unique ways to use your moon water, read our moon water tea article.

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