The Best Containers for Moon Water Storage

When learning how to make moon water, there’s also a question of what containers are best for moon water.

We’ve talked about using plastic containers for moon water, but what other containers would work for this sacred water?

Using Copper for Moon Water

One of the popular vessels for moon water is copper.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, copper removes impurities and bacteria from water, so this is an extra level of pure energy for your moon water.

If you plan to use your water to make moon water tea, storing it in copper would be advantageous.

Glass Jars are The Usual Container For Moon Water

Glass jars, like mason jars, are a great option for containing your moon water. They are clear, which allows you to spot any contaminants that may turn your moon water black or another color.

Glass containers also allow the moonlight to reach the water on all sides.

Plastic Containers Aren’t The Best But Still Work

We’ve written an article about why plastic containers aren’t the best for charging moon water.

If you must use plastic, be sure it is BPA free and you keep your moon water out of sunlight, even after it’s charged. This will ensure none of the chemicals from the plastic seep into your charged water.

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