Why Moon Water Turns Black

If you decided to use the new moon or full moon energy to make moon water, but it turned black, there is a simple explanation. I discovered years ago that there are a few factors to moon water turning black.

If your moon water has turned black, there is bacteria or mold in your water. Discard it immediately, and make fresh moon water.

Why Does The Moon Water Turn Black?

Bacteria from the container, or from the water can easily turn your moon water black. If you put crystals inside of your moon water container, but didn’t properly cleanse them, that could also turn your moon water black.

There is no magick involved if you see that your moon water has changed color. The best plan is to completely discard the water, fully clean your container, and try to make fresh moon water the next night.

Safe Moon Water Tips

To ensure you get charged moon water that you can ingest or use in your rituals, follow these tips.

  • Clean the container thoroughly. Using all-natural cleaners is a great option for cleaning the container you choose to use.
  • Use filtered water. Any kind of bottled water or filtered water from your faucet will work for moon water. Unfiltered river, lake, or ocean water may cause bacteria or mold growth in your moon water.
  • Cleanse crystals before adding to water. Here is a video sharing how to properly cleanse a crystal: how to clean a crystal.

We hope this information was helpful. If you are looking for a beneficial way to use your moon water, turn it into moon water tea.

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